Why Should Employers Use WorkKeys®?

Good hiring decisions are made when employers understand the job candidates skills verified through proven assessments.

Advantages of WorkKeys

ACT, best known and trusted for its college entrance exams, has conducted validity research that ensures employers the outcome of the WorkKeys tests are correct and reproducible. When a WorkKeys report details the skills an individual has mastered, an employer can be confident in those results.

Employers who utilize WorkKeys assessments ultimately realize cost savings on the front end in its hiring, retention, and training initiatives, as well as on their bottom line with improved productivity and reduced waste. See for yourself. We invite you to explore the employer success stories accessible on the homepage and also found here.

WorkKeys® for Better Hiring Decisions

WorkKeys solutions enable employers to make better hiring and promotion decisions using WorkKeys assessments, credentials, and job analysis tools.

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How Do Employers Use WorkKeys®?

There are three WorkKeys employer use models. With each ascending approach, the return on investment for an employer improves.

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Where Do Employers Obtain WorkKeys®?

Employers can easily obtain WorkKeys solutions directly from ACT.

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