WorkKeys® for Better Hiring Decisions

WorkKeys solutions enable employers to make better hiring and promotion decisions using WorkKeys assessments, credentials, and job analysis tools. By hiring individuals with skills needed for successful employment, companies realize reduced turnover, improved productivity, and a better bottom line.

WorkKeys tools can be used in various approaches such as recommending an ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate® [NCRC®] from job candidates, leveraging the WorkKeys Estimator to better understand skills needed for training success, or deploying a full ACT Job Analysis with WorkKeys assessments for precision skills based hiring.


Validate an applicant’s essential work readiness skills  with WorkKeys Assessments, the cornerstone of the ACT WorkKeys solutions:

WorkKeys NCRC

Verify and certify the essential foundational skills for workplace success  with the WorkKeys NCRC  – a portable, evidence-based credential that is earned by completing the following three WorkKeys assessments: Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents.

Tens of thousands of employers value the WorkKeys NCRC, and many recommend job candidates include it on their applications or resumes.

Value Added Solutions

Pinpoint benchmarks for hiring, recruiting, advancement, and training  by linking job tasks with WorkKeys Assessments through WorkKeys Job Profiles. Conducted by an ACT-authorized job profiler, employers receive a customized task list, skill level and knowledge requirements, and a detailed report linking job tasks to WorkKeys skill levels.

Quickly determine skill levels needed with 

WorkKeys Estimator,

Key features:

  • Documents WorkKeys assessment decisions
  • Takes about 5 -10 minutes per skill
  • Complete individually or in a group setting
  • Includes WorkKeys Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, Applied Math,
    Workplace Observation, Applied Technology, and Business Writing skills
  • Easy-to-use with step-by-step instructions

a quick, step-by-step tool to estimate the WorkKeys skill and skill level requirements needed for entry into and effective performance in employer training programs.

Skill up current employees  with WorkKeys Curriculum helping individuals improve skills for better job performance and advancement.

Get connected with qualified candidates  who have the validated skills and credentials required through the Workforce Skills Exchange.

Why Should Employers Use WorkKeys®?

Good hiring decisions are made when employers understand the job candidates skills verified through proven assessments.

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How do employers use WorkKeys?

There are three WorkKeys employer use models. With each ascending approach, the return on investment for an employer improves.

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Where do employers obtain WorkKeys?

Employers can easily obtain WorkKeys solutions directly from ACT.

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